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Health Home Performance Diagnostics Overview

Energy Savers of Florida is an expert in the home performance contracting business. We offer a comprehensive home performance diagnostic designed to identify all comfort, health, & energy efficiency issues in your home. Our highly trained certified home performance consultant thoroughly inspects, tests, safety checks, and evaluates all the components of your home, treating it as a complete integrated system, instead of just a box with some appliances in it.

We use the principles of Building Science, the dynamics of airflow, moisture, and how your homes insulation and HVAC system interacts with the homes construction. Knowing how these systems should integrate and perform as a whole is key to identifying the root causes of the problem. Our specialized training allows us to look further past the typical band-aid type of repair that your typical contractor would use.
When our home performance consultant is done assessing your home, he will provide you a prioritized detailed report with the options and costs for your customized home performance solution. This report will show the energy savings that should be obtained, if you follow the home performance plan that has been provided to you. The home performance consultant will also discuss any financing options or tax credits available to help with the costs.

Once you have selected a home performance plan of action, an experienced Energy Savers of Florida installation crew will be scheduled to meet at your convenience.

After the home performance renovation is complete, we will perform the same diagnostic test as we did in the beginning with the assessment. This will allow us to measure the increased home performance that you invested in because, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” 

What do Our Clients Have to Say about Energy Savers of Florida?

Chuck and his team performed an in home energy audit and then installed a new Coleman Unit in our home with 3 AC Zones. His team were complete professionals throughout the entire process. We have special medical requirements for two of the zones and Energy Savers (of Florida) made well sure that those requirements were met before they called the install good!

The energy audit was a true awakening on how leaky our home was. They didn’t just wow us with numbers, but they showed us with in home physical tests that clearly showed how the air was flowing in our home. Chuck and his team were very patient with us and our children. Our kids are very curious! The techs took the time to show the kids what they were doing and why they were doing this. Prior to the new ac install, anytime we would leave our home for an extended period we would come back to an awful smell in the house. I tried for three years to find the source. Well, Energy Savers found that on the first day. It was our ductwork! It was completely filled with mildew above the air handler. This was most likely due to air leakage in the system and the home. They solved that!

We recently returned from a trip and the only thing in the air was the smell of fresh air when we opened the front door! I cannot say enough great things about Chuck and his entire team! If you are looking to get a new AC Energy Savers of Florida is highly recommended by me and my family!

Johhny G

Why Choose Energy Savers of Florida for your Home Energy Audit & Healthy Home Inspection?

There are many kinds of home performance energy audits out there. Make sure you don’t waste your money and just get just a duct test, GET THE RIGHT ONE THE FIRST TIME.

Not all contractor installations are the same!
The EPA and DOE state that up to 50% of the energy used in your home is due to air conditioning and heating usage. This makes it critical that you as a consumer make smart decisions about the type of unit that you choose, and that you choose a contractor that uses a whole house approach and is competent in Building Science and Home Performance Contracting.

Only this type of contractor will be able to ensure that your home and new unit is performing at peek efficiency. Don’t get caught loosing the energy efficiency that you paid for because you saved a few nickels and got a contractor that just replaces the two boxes.

To ensure that a system will perform at its peek efficiency, a Home Performance Diagnostic will need to be performed to identify any thermal infiltrations or duct leakage. Proper air sealing, duct sealing, and insulating is key to making sure that the investment of the new unit will be able to perform at its highest efficiency, significantly lowering your utility bill. When these items are not addressed, you may have just bought a new 16 SEER unit, but it is performing like a 12 SEER, due to the duct system and air infiltrations that were not repaired.

Once these long term investments of the homes duct leakage, air sealing, and insulating have been corrected, you will have this energy efficient thermal envelope for many years to come. If you were ever thinking about using solar panels in the future, your new energy efficient thermal envelope will allow you to use fewer panels on your home.

If a home owner has identified any Home Performance Problems such as, hot or cold rooms, allergies or sneezing, musty odors, high humidity, excessive dust, or high utility bills, one should contact Energy Savers of Florida to obtain a Customized Healthy Home Diagnostic Performance TestEnergy Savers of Florida is Gulf Power “Check Me” Certified. Call today to see if you qualify for Gulf Power rebates and other federal tax credits.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Healthy Home Diagnostic Testing and which equipment and solutions are right for you? Call Energy Savers of Florida today! We offer free consultations, the most reliable services and affordable rates in all of Northwest Florida, and our 5-star Comfort Guarantee on every call!

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