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Energy Savers of Florida provides efficient, speedy, and reliable AC installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services that will help you keep your family and employees comfortable all year round.

Our team of skilled and committed technicians can diagnose, maintain, and repair any type of air conditioning system. The preventative maintenance we offer will prolong the life of your HVAC system, improve its performance, ensuring that it runs more efficiently and economically.

Energy Savers of Florida’s AC Service specialists can also help you replace your existing unit with a new, energy-efficient one that will ensure superior comfort, while saving you money.

Do you want to get a new AC for your house or office? In order for the system to work well and for as long as possible, the installation should be done by experienced technicians. The techs at Energy Savers of Florida are just the people you need for the job! 

Energy Savers of Florida has the right training and skills needed to handle the installation of any kind of AC system you need. We are careful to set up new systems and make sure that the units are sized properly and installed properly. Before we leave the job, we test every component of your new system to ensure your new AC unit is functioning how it’s supposed to- at full efficiency so you can enjoy the comfort for years to come. 

Bigger ≠ Better

How importance is it for my AC unit to be properly sized? How do I find a qualified professional to install my new AC unit?

There are different factors that have to be considered when you have a new AC system installed. You need to take into consideration the buildings volume, orientation, occupancy, windows, leakage rate, and insulation just to name a few. But since figuring out what type of system will meet your needs is not easy, it’s best to consult experts like us. We will tell you what kind of system will be best to get, and once you purchase what you need, we can do the installation for you.

What do Our Clients Have to Say about Energy Savers of Florida?

Meet Steve Wilmer. Author, speaker, public figure, and life-long resident of Pensacola. Hear what Steve has to say about his personal experience with Energy Savers of Florida.

Why Choose Energy Savers of Florida for your Air Conditioning Maintenance, Service, and Installation Needs?

Energy Savers of Florida is a company you can trust to provide you with any AC-related services you may need. Based in the Pensacola, Florida area, we provide people with the installation, repair, maintenance, and cleaning services they need for their systems. We have been doing this for over 2 decades now, which is the reason why we have so much experience and are referred by so many homeowners. In case you are not familiar with what we do, here’s more about the maintenance work our AC repair company does.

To keep your systems in working properly, you have to maintain them. However, not all maintenance tasks can be completed by the owner. There are things that only a professional technicians are able to do. For this reason, trained professionals should visit your home and inspect your equipment a couple of times a year. When you choose to work with Energy Savers of Florida, we’ll send a friendly and knowledgeable expert to you home who will check the functions of your system. They will also clean your unit in ways that you are not able to reach, and replace parts when as necessary to avoid future mechanical failure.

Each AC repair expert on our team knows how to handle the maintenance of your specific equipment and system. We have worked with all makes and models over the years, which is the reason why we are capable of providing you with the right solution every time. In addition, we utilize great equipment and are careful when doing our job. If there is something that doesn’t work right, we will make sure to repair it so you can enjoy your air conditioning the way in which it was intended.

Whenever you require a professional AC repair or maintenance service in the Pensacola, FL area, call Energy Savers of Florida. We will send a technician to your home when needed, 24/7/365!

24-Hour Emergency Hotline:

1 (850) 983-6688


All of Northwest Florida including Pensacola, FL, Cantonment, FL, Pace, FL, Milton, FL, Gulf Breeze, FL, Pensacola Beach, FL and the surrounding areas!

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