Doreen Ingram 

MAY 19. 2017

Energy Savers of Florida, Chuck Santeler came to my house to give me an estimate to replace or repair some ductwork in my home.
My home had a humidity problem, was never quite comfortable temperature wise, air handler was in my hall closest and was super loud, we were getting mildew and probably mold and worst of all, my children’s allergies were terribly bad.
I was not prepared for what was going to happen next, but I am here to say – Thank you Chuck for educating me about how the system works, fixing every single problem that was going on and making our lives healthier and comfortable once again.
I did exactly what Chuck asked for and after some research and lots of education from Chuck, I understand why things were not working so well and last but not least, I will not need to dust NEAR as often! That was a full time job.
I had ducts replaced, air handler moved, all my vents were replaced with up-scale really nice ones, he even added several things to make life easier if we needed to go into the attic and even added a special piece of equipment that kills mold spores, germs and bacteria and more.
He showed up on time each day, was professional at all time, gave me extras that would make life easier, determined the best way to do things and got it done in a reasonable timeframe. I can’t say enough about the great job Chuck did for my family and believe me, it is worth every penny. It’s important for your family to keep healthy, so do not put this off. All the health food in the world cannot replace clean air in your home.
Doreen Ingram – Another happy customer of Energy Saver of Florida!