Home Performance Diagnostics

Residential Energy Audits

Energy Savers of Florida is an expert in the home performance contracting business. We offer a comprehensive home performance diagnostic designed to identify all comfort, health, & energy efficiency issues in your home. Our highly trained certified home performance consultant thoroughly inspects, tests, safety checks, and evaluates all the components of your home, treating it as a complete integrated system, instead of just a box with some appliances in it.
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Indoor Air Quality Testing

If your home has poor ventilation, this increases the amount of pollutant levels that may exist in your home. By air sealing, duct sealing, and controlling the type of ventilation your home has, you can decrease the amount of pollutant levels in your home. Taking this step helps insure that your family is breathing healthy air.
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Solar Energy

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

If you are interested in reducing your energy cost through the use of solar, you should first look to our services of tightening the homes thermal envelope through air sealing, proper insulation, tight and properly sized ducting and then install the most energy efficient heating and cooling system you can afford.
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Residential Duct Sealing

Aeroseal is a technology developed at the Indoor Environment Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This computer program allows our technicians to diagnose your home’s air ducts and precisely measure air leaks. Then, our technicians use air pressure and a special Areoseal polymer to close the leaks. The polymer finds and sticks to the edge of the leak and then additional Aeroseal polymers join together to seal the leak!
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Retrofoam Insulation

This is the most important step you can make to improve the energy efficiency in your home!

If you will insulate and air seal first, you will be able to purchase a smaller more energy efficient heating and air system. This will also help you save money on your utility bills for many years to come. Our comprehensive home performance energy audit uses building science to determine how much air leakage is in your home & identify if the homes insulation levels are sufficient.
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